Auto Parts

We recommend using Genuine Manufacturer parts for your car. Why?

Quality: Genuine parts are held to a higher standard than others on the market. This ensures they are of the best possible quality.

Easier to Fit: Nothing is worse than investing in a part only to discover it doesn’t fit your vehicle. By using Genuine parts, we ensure they will fit properly, securely and won’t cause your automobile trouble down the line.

Reliability and Durability: Not only will Genuine parts work right the first time, they’ll also last longer than non-genuine options.

One Part Affects Others: In order for your car to work most effectively, each and every part must do its job. If a Genuine part is replaced with a non-genuine part, this could negatively impact the performance of your vehicle.

Guarantees and Warranties: Most Genuine parts are sold with both a guarantee and warranty, which is something generally not offered with non-genuine parts.

In other words, the benefits of Genuine parts simply cannot be beat, and here at the BMW of Freeport Collision Center, your peace of mind is our top priority.

Discover the very best in auto body repair, collision repair, auto glass replacement and auto painting in Long Island, NY at BMW of Freeport Collision Center! our Freeport location provides expert collision repair and body shop services to the Long Island Community community including Massapequa, Merrick Rockville Centre, Hempstead and surrounding NY areas.

Our expert technicians are certified for BMW Mini and we can also work with all makes and models.