What to Do if You Experience a BMW Drivetrain Malfunction?

BMW Dashboard

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BMW vehicles can display a drivetrain malfunction on the dashboard. We cover the causes of this error and offer solutions to get your BMW back on the road.

Many modern cars contain self-monitoring computer systems that can locate any issues or malfunctions within your vehicle. Our BMWs are no exception—and if something is wrong with your car, you will be alerted to the issue via a fault warning light on the dashboard. One issue we are commonly consulted about is BMW drivetrain malfunction. This should be taken seriously as if not attended to; it is a malfunction that can lead to expensive repairs.

However, a BMW drivetrain malfunction does not automatically result in the car’s breakdown, meaning that if action is taken quickly, the issue can usually be resolved without too much inconvenience.

Read on to find out how to avoid a Drivetrain Malfunction.

What Is A Drivetrain Malfunction?

Before we thoroughly answer the question, some readers might wonder, what is a drivetrain? The drivetrain is an integral part of the vehicle, including transmission, driveshaft, axles, and wheels. The drivetrain works with your engine to propel your vehicle’s wheels.

Clearly, within the drivetrain, there are several integral components. The drive train is not a single part but a collection of parts, so the error could be due to a powertrain malfunction, a transmission malfunction, a drive starts control malfunction, or something else. Below, we flesh out the most common causes of drivetrain malfunction.

What Are The Leading Causes Of BMW Drivetrain Malfunction?

If your BMW alerts you to a drivetrain issue, it may be caused by one of the more common malfunctions we have laid out below:

Damaged Fuel Injectors
Faulty Spark Plugs
High-Pressure/Faulty Fuel Pump
Faulty Ignition Coil
Clogged Catalytic Converter
Low Octane/Low-Quality Fuel

Sometimes, you may get more than one error on the dashboard. For example, suppose your drivetrain malfunction is accompanied by other messages, such as a transmission fault warning light, the brake system drive moderately message, or a chassis stabilization error. In that case, these messages can help you further zero in on what is wrong with your car.

Sometimes, a BMW drivetrain malfunction reset can eliminate the BMW drivetrain malfunction message. However, before seeking a further diagnosis, perform an engine restart.

How Do I Diagnose The Correct Cause Of A BMW Drivetrain Malfunction?

Of course, the above issues have different solutions. The best way to determine what is wrong with your BMW is to use an
OBD II scanner. Therefore, we encourage you to come to BMW of Freeport Collision Center and let the experts take a look.

Then, using the BMW-specific OBD II scanner, we can determine the cause of the malfunction and advise the next steps for repair. In addition, our Freeport Collision Center in Nassau County can service Hempstead, Merrick, Freeport, and Roosevelt.

What Does It Cost To Repair A Drivetrain Malfunction?

That isn’t easy to answer without assessing the problem in person. Some drivetrain issues are repaired more quickly than others, as the drivetrain is a complex set of components. However, if you bring your BMW to our Freeport location, we can assist you in determining costs. We are experienced in repairing many modern BMW vehicles, including the BMW X6, BMW i4, and the BMW X5, among other models.

So, no matter what model BMW you drive, the BMW of Freeport Collision Center should be your first stop for advice if you have a BMW problem.


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